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E- Arts is the ONLY premier Chicago based Airbrush temporary tattoo company that takes pride in creating ALL original custom tattoo stencils.


What sets us apart from the others? 


  • E- Arts  puts our customers first and have designed and built a one of a kind efficient and silent air compressor system. No loud noises that disrupt the event. 


  • E-Arts uses FDA approved temporary tattoo paint that smells as sweet as green apples! No lingering smells. 


  • E-Arts is equipped to serve both indoor and outdoor venues (regardless if power supply is available by using C02 compressed air tanks)  


  • E- Arts designs and professional set up is artistic excellence in motion - we do not disappoint! 











 Pick a custom theme board for your special day! 

  • Super Heroes

  • Princess 

  • Cartoons

  • Sports theme

  • Tribals

  • Dragon

  • Skulls

  • Star Wars


Temporary Airbrush Tattoo parties have become a main stream choice of entertainment and fun! This excites audiences of all ages.


E-Arts offers 100's of tattoo choices from tribal arms bands, 3-d butterflies, super heroes, flowers, and much more. 


Our tattoos are designed to make your big day - or really any day - extra special! They're fun, eye-catching, and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face! 


Airbrush temporary tattoos are fast -drying, waterproof, and can be easily removed with alcohol, baby oil or liquid soap. Tattoos can last up to 3-5 days. 


Our ink comes in a vast array of vibrant colors it is:

  • Made in the USA

  • FDA approved

  • Safe, and gentle for the skin. 







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